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Hi all. Thanks for getting this far into the e-newsletter. I realise there is a lot of competition for you attention, so I aim to make this brief, informative and even a bit of fun. Fun is definitely what I had when recently working in Florence, Italy - see the pic!

I ran out of my creative juices though to come up with a decent name for the e-newsletter. Suggestions welcome and will be acknowledged. Anyway, here goes!




• NDIS Citizens' Jury - In February I will co-facilitating, with Danielle Annells, a Citizens' Jury to assess the progress of the 7 NDIS pilot areas across Australia. The result will be a scorecard, based on the experiences of people living with disability and their carers. An important process in partnership with the NDIA, PwDA, newDemocracy, and being filmed by Lara Damiani, ThinkFilms.

•  U-lab - like thousands of others around the world I am doing Otto Scharman's 6-week U-lab course. Fortunately I have joined a brilliant group to work through the material, namely Brad Chenoweth and Sarah Gilligan from the Australian Centre for Dialogue, Onur Ekinci and Kylie Long from Peer Academy, David Hood from Doing Something Good, and Lina Wynn.

• Peer Academy - Between March and May I will be delivering two learning events through Peer Academy. Very excited about being part of this terrific disruptive peer-to-peer approach to learning. More news to come next time around!

• Capire - Exploring several opportunities with Amy Hubbard and Chris Robinson and excited to be working with them.

• Slime Mould - I had a terrific couple of days with the Collective Impact network for Australia. Momentum building and lots of learning from each other. We call it Slime Mould. Why Slime Mould? This blog explains it.


New Offerings 

Coaching - I am now offering coaching services for executives, project managers and collaboration/engagement practitioners. These can be provided for a set period of time (3 months - 24 months). 

Shadow consulting - As a result of several requests from other consultants I have decided to now offer a shadow consulting service to other consultants who are working on complex projects. I work behind the scenes to act as a sounding board, to offer advice for process design, and provide innovative ideas for facilitating workshops. This service is available to any consultant on planet Earth! 

Two new Courses - Micaela Drieberg, from 3 Hills Consulting, and I are now offering two courses. One is for elected representatives (Micaela is an ex-Mayor and current Councillor) about how to provide contemporary leadership with regard to community engagement and collaboration. The other is about how to effectively work with and influence decision-makers, especially politicians. More details to be publicised soon but in the meantime contact me for further information.

Contact me if you'd like to discuss any of these new offerings, or any of the older ones as well!


Latest blogs

How to make certain you will waste your time and money doing community engagement.

Also known as, Max's Dirty Dozen! 

This goes against the grain somewhat, being a fan of Appreciative Inquiry. But sometimes it just feels good to name some things that we know don’t work – and to state the ‘bleeding obvious’. The systems mantra is helpful to get us started, being that ‘our systems and approaches are perfectly designed for getting the results we are presently getting.’ …

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Reflections on the IAP2 Spectrum

Reflections on the IAP2 (International Association for Public Participation) Spectrum I remember well how thrilled I was to come across a thoughtful framework for community engagement, the IAP2 Spectrum, in the late 1990s. Developed by some highly skilled and generous practitioners in North America, it has since become the most recognizable brand and image related to the field of community …

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Aiming for average in 2015 - my new year's resolution

It is customary, of course, at this time to reflect on the year that is nearly over, and to set some goals for the year approaching. Idon't have my website established as yet so thought I would publish this blog on LinkedIn - my ponderings of the year past and the one that looms. 2014 has been eventful. Anything but …

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• Max is delivering a workshop on Appreciative Inquiry and community engagement for Engage2Act, Melbourne, 24th February, 2015. 

• Partnership Brokering Training coming to Brisbane in March for the first time.
Contact the fabulous Marcia Dwonczyk, Director, Creativma on for more information. Great course!

• IAP2 Event, Melbourne, Breakfast with IAP2 Organisation of the Year, City of Melbourne
27th February.


Others resources to check out

Interesting articles and blogs. Check them out if you can. Really interesting!

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Blogs and lots of other resources on BeCause - Nadine B Hack

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Case Studies and Bibliography Activedemocracy - by Prof Lyn Carson

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Twyfords Blogs - from Vivien Twyford, Stuart Waters, John Dengate and co.

If I have not included your blog or website and think you should be included, let me know. I will refer to different sites and pages every newsletter. Promise!


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